In Japanese Mottainai もったいない conveys a sense of regret when we waste. This would translate something like ‘waste not want not’. I came across this saying only a few years ago however this is something that I have felt strongly about for a very long time. I find the older I get the more I cringe at the sight of food being scraped off a plate into the bin, or handfuls of kitchen paper used to mop up a spill which could have been wiped with a washable cloth. In fact every aspect of waste annoys me…

“Being frugal allows you to appreciate the little things in life.” –John Sachem

It was this annoyance, this nagging voice inside my head that drove me to find ways of minimizing food waste, of finding new and inventive ways of utilizing every part of the chicken when cooking or saving vegetable peels for making stock. Perhaps my time in Egypt also lead to a certain respect for food. When you see poverty you really become thankful for what you have.

As well as this I have always had a love for bargains, a rush at the idea of saving money, of nabbing a deal. I most definitely inherited this from my mother! Now don’t get me wrong, I am not the type to buy something just because there is a sale. If I see a bargain and I know that I need that item or will need it then perfect. I think that we can all use offers and deals to help out with the grocery budget or compare insurance prices. Basically being frugal with our spending.

So as I sit here at the end of the day, cross-legged and eyes heavy, I quickly try to bring this post to a close as baby could wake at any moment. I had the idea to put together a blog that would be helpful to people on a budget, new parents, foodies or just those that like to be frugal. Mottainai is going to try to help you save money, food and time and hopefully in doing so we can all start to reduce waste in general.



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