Dog Food Made with Love

I love my dog. She is quite literally a part of my family and was to an extent my first baby before my own little one came along. It’s safe to say that she is SPOILED ROTTEN, but then why shouldn’t she be? When we first adopted her as a three week old pup she was eating kibble and drinking puppy formula but of course also had scraps from our meals. It was then that I started to imagine how boring it would be to eat dog kibble day in, day out for every meal. So I got researching and began to cook homemade doggy meals for my pup and she loved them! For me the best combination was dog kibble in the morning (this seemed to give her the biggest burst of energy so it was better suited then) and homemade food in the evening. I figured that, this way she would get all the nutrients she needed from her kibble and would enjoy fresh meat, carbs and vegetables in her evening meal.

Fast forward about 4 years and Pepper is a healthy happy dog. I too am delighted to know that she is content and that I am actually saving a significant amount of money by providing her with fresh meals. This is just my opinion and my own experience but if you too would like to try to cook for your fur baby then have a look at the recipe below. The best thing about these meals are that they can be made in bulk, frozen and then defrosted when you need them!


  • 1kg Carrots
  • 500g frozen peas
  • 1 handful kale
  • 2 handfuls spinach
  • 500g minced turkey or beef
  • 2 cups brown rice

Preparation time: 5-10 minutes

Cooking time: 20 minutes


  1. Cook rice according to instructions on packet. Usually 2 cups of rice to 4 cups of water. Bring to a boil then turn down, cover and let simmer for about 10 minutes or until rice is tender. dogfood3
  2. While the rice is cooking either chop up or grate the carrots and roughly chop the spinach and kale.
  3. Add the mince and vegetables to a large pot, fill with water and use your hand to mix the ingredients together and pull apart the mince. Cook on high until pot begins to boil then turn the heat down to a simmer and occasionally stir.dogfood5
  4. Once the meat and vegetables are cooked, roughly 20 minutes or less, set aside to cool and then carefully strain any extra water. Add the rice to the pot and mix well. You can at this point add extras such as a chopped boiled egg or chopped apples (make sure there are no seeds).

I like to make large batches of this and freeze them so that it is easier for me during the week. You can substitute any of the ingredients but make sure to do your research because there are some meats, vegetables and grains that aren’t suitable for dogs. I like to add a dash of olive oil to this as well as I find it promotes a healthy coat. This amount of food would last my dog just over a week as she eats kibble in the morning and this in the evening. Depending on the size of your dog it could last longer.

The cost…

  • Turkey mince €3.59 LIDL
  • 1kg carrots €0.49 LIDL
  • Bag of Kale €0.59 ALDI
  • Bag of spinach €1.39 ALDI
  • Bag of frozen peas €1.29 Tesco
  • Bag of rice €0.99 LIDL

Since I only used part of the rice, spinach, kale and peas the total cost is €5.53. This works out to about 69 cents per feed for my dog and I would imagine for a small dog it could be as low as 40 cents. If you use minced beef instead of turkey you can bring the cost down to about 35 cents per feed for a big dog.


Happy and healthy on a balanced diet.


One thought on “Dog Food Made with Love

  1. Nice way to feed Pepper
    We have two dogs and we do something similar for different reasons
    Obi and Maggie are very difficult to feed and will not eat plain kibble so I need to add something to make it more appealing. It is usually have brown rice and some meat and some vegetable
    They also get tired of the same thing so I have to change it every couple of days otherwise they will stop eating. Sometimes I add minced beef but also they love minced chicken livers or chicken hearts which can be obtained locally quite cheap since these are not popular


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