Bag it up

It amazes me how we can find a new use for things if we just stop and think. If you really try to start living a life of less waste I promise that it becomes second nature. Here is a little tip for dog owners (I apologise, I love my dog so I will undoubtedly have a lot of posts that revolve around her). You can keep kitchen scraps in a little bag in the fridge as healthy treats. So that means not only do you reduce food waste, but you save money by not having to buy those expensive dog treats AND it is definitely better for your dog’s health.


You can use anything that your pet likes such as cucumbers, chicken scraps or even apples (always remove the seeds as they are poisonous to dogs). I chose to use carrots as we eat them a lot in our house and I always cringe at the thought of throwing away the stump. All you do is give them a wash, cut around the centre stump, dry and pop into a resealable bag! If you store these in the fridge they will last for aggggess. Another fun fact is that they are great for your pet’s teeth and jaws, helping to keep their breath fresh. It costs nothing because these are scraps!


And finally a cute picture of Pepper as a pup enjoying a carrot and a quote below that I just love…

“You can’t buy love but you can rescue it”. – unknown


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