Travel Smart

Now this particular post is aimed at those living in Ireland, however the basic principal can be applied to most countries. There are usually promotions or travel passes that allow you to travel for less. These can save you SO MUCH money, it is actually a small fortune as I will point out.

I don’t drive so I rely on public transport, buses and trains for the most part. I own a leap card which allows me to travel by topping up the card with credit. It’s convenient as I hate the dreaded feeling of my stomach turning as I rummage around for lose change, hoping I have enough! But what I love most is how much money I save, lets break it down…

I live in Meath and I would generally travel into the City Centre, so without a leap card I pay €3.30 per journey. With a leap card I only pay €2.60…. So a return journey to the city centre, five days a week costs me €33 euros. If I use my leap card it would cost me €26. It doesn’t sound like much difference but by using the leap card you save €364 per year!!! For me that’s a lot of money.

Something else that not everyone realises…If you use a leap card you can avail of fare capping, basically your remaining journeys for the day/week are free if you reach a certain amount. Read here to learn more about fare capping . So you are potentially saving more money.


Now onto freebies… I was lucky enough to come across this promotion and again lucky enough to be turning thirty this year (not sure how I feel about this yet). If you click on this link and follow the instructions you can actually get a small parcel delivered to your door containing some cute and useful stuff! Not to mention a free leap card loaded with €36! I think it only took about 2 weeks or less for mine to arrive. I also added Dublin Bus on my snapchat and they have daily competitions that I’m hoping to win. Unfortunately the offer is only open if you are turning thirty this year, but it’s still great and the daily snapchat competitions are open to everyone.


Add Dublin Bus on snapchat

Again I apologise that this post was so specific to Ireland but I am sure with a little bit of research you can find similar offers in your area. It never hurts to see if transport companies are holding social media campaigns.




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