Nappy Mahem!

So every now and then some amazing shops do fantastic discounts and these are really worth looking out for… I have saved a fortune on baby products because I looked out for offers, bought in bulk and generally wasn’t afraid to try a range of brands.


Lidl are having an amazing offer where nappies are half price for the weekend. There is a limit of 10 packs per customer, so if you wanted more you could do another transaction or get your mother to come along and buy them (thank you mum) . This may not seem like a lot but you are essentially buying one and getting one free. I first saw this offer in January and I bought about 20 packs, I still have so many left and I saved about €55! That’s a lot of money to be saved.


If I can make a suggestion I would say buy much bigger sizes. Your little one grows fast and there is nothing worse than a stack of unused nappies in the corner of the room that are just too small. Now lets talk about quality.. I have tried Pampers, Boots, Tescos, Aldi and Lidl’s own brands and quite honestly found them all to be exactly the same! The only differences were how bulky they were when wet but this was minor, as well as colours and patterns. Little to no leaks and never any nappy rash. Baby is happy and Mummy is happy. I am now well stocked and don’t have to worry about my nappy stash for a while!

They are flying off the shelves so hurry up.


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